washington post e paciano 2


The prestigious Washington Post is dedicating a special exclusively in Paciano, highlighting its positive aspects. A beautiful article by Kieran Mulvaney also written with the valuable contribution of Leslie Busby, whom we thank, and that helps make Paciano more and more known in the world

Here you can read the article in the web version, but at the top you can also see the cover of the magazine paper where it says “FALL: the delicious pleasure og picking olives in Italy”


Kieran Mulvaney, writer and environmentalist, tells Paciano for Wahshington Post “my first thought came to Paciano is that it is exactly like a designer of Holl ywood represent a medieval village” and goes on to describe the landscape that is alive and full of olive trees above .
In fact, in the season when Mulvaney visited the country was the time of the olive harvest and then met with the farm work is hard work and satisfaction for the production of nectar and green “light” olive oil.

The American writer sees what often notice foreigners: two spaces, two landscapes, and locals are all one. The “two Pacianos” are described: the old town and “the life that exists in the suburbs.” But not simplistically death and life, to read well the village is the story to breathe “between the ancient walls,” where life “public” is lived, where they turn on their institutional, social and commercial, next to which c ‘is the space out sometimes hidden, sometimes to find out where to live life too intimate, private and get lost in the landscape.

It is precisely here, in these open spaces of the countryside, against the backdrop of the lake and hills, Mulvaney says that the “raison d’etre” of his presence in Paciano: meets again, that core of people who have chosen to live in because Paciano they found congenial to their values ​​of life. These are some of the biggest names on the global environmentalism, the presence of which is now part of the cultural and historical heritage of Paciano, of which the writer mentions the names of the late David Mctaggart and Sidney Holt, perhaps the most famous of the group of scholars and activists who populate Paciano years.

Then the article also honors the commitment of other citizens of Paciano: English, Italian, American, old and young people who work, create and renew every year the festive traditions, such as that between oil and taverns open only on this occasion and “knock with carbide” December 9.

He tells us that the country produces dreams, professionalism and betting on the future as among the other building Baldeschi that with a project on craft del Trasimeno, TrasiMemo and its other assets “is the potential to make an injection of adrenaline to the community “.

The Mayor with emotion tells us: “We are honored to have had great space in a major American newspapers and thank the people who made ​​it possible. The quality of our environment and the landscape is the link between a small town and a group of world-renowned scientists and environmentalists. It ‘s always useful to look through the eyes of those who come for the first time, maybe from a distance, because it captures and enhances many aspects Pacianesi that we take for granted. The theme oil is certainly central to Paciano: for one or two months a year is the main topic of conversation, the predominant occupation, but also a great resource that must be even more enhanced.

We hope that this article may intrigue many people, tourists, business people, young couples, and get them to visit and live above our country. Definitely will be greeted with warmth and simplicity, as they had always been here. “