Entering the lower town gates, Via Marconi leads to Via Francesco Mario Sensini and then on to the main square, the Piazza Della Repubblica, where the Town Hall has been situated since 1920. The Town Hall houses the local administrative offices as well as the post office, the doctor’s surgery, and a public meeting hall.

Via Sensini and Via Marconi run parallel with the lower Via Danzetta, which runs the length of the town. Via Danzetta is connected to the other two roads by two shorter roads, Via della Pitalessa and Via della Staffa. The short road that leads down from Via Danzetta to the old town well is called the Via del Pozzo, where the evocative small church of San Carlo Borromeo can be found. The gates are named the “Porta Fiorentina”, or Florentine Gates, as they open towards nearby Tuscany, the region governed by the city of Florence.